The Test

This test serves the purpose to check your esoteric knowledge and to prove that you deserve to get the Sigillum Invocatio Daemonum as gift. We know exactly that there are personal answers about some question and we considered it during the writing of the test. Choose the answers you think are "more correct". Each question have at least a right answer, some questions may have more than one.

Which tarot of Marseilles doesn't have the name on it?

The Fool


The Death

The papess

What is Chaos Magick?

A kind of magic that venerate the Chaos energies

A kind of magic that glean all the esoteric cultures

A kind of magic dictated by causality and contingency

A kind of magic without any kind of order

What does Pomba Gira means?

Is a ritual group dance

Is a sacrifice ritual

Is a feminine goddes

is a kind of ritual dagger

Which is the difference between evocation and invocation?

During invocation the spirit is called inside the body, while during evocation the spirit is called outside the body

For the invocation you need experience, but the invocation may be experimented even by newbies.

For the invocation you have to be in two

During the evocation there must be a woman at least

In which book you can find the most part of the truth?

In the Dead Sea Scrolls

In Crowley's books

In the Necronomicon

The most part of the truth isn't in any book

Kabbalah is:

The most powerful Jewish kind of magic

A Jewish sect

A number system of word coding

An ancient Jewish holy book

Alchemy is::

The way to get the elixir of life

The way to change yourself into something else

The way to steal the philosopher's stone

Just the way people called chemistry in the XVII century

The morning star is:

The way the Babylonian called Venus


A shiny stone on Satan's crown

The Pole Star

The traditional tarot's numbering is different from Crowley's one because of:

The different number of Arcanas

The reversal of some Arcanas

An Arcana less

The difference is both numeric and epistemologic

In the traditional shmanesim and in the derivated cultures, music is really important. Why?

Because it helps to move at time in some rituals

Because some frequencies help to enter a state of trance

Because it helps to call our familiar spirit

Because some frequencies link to the natural Gods

Which XIX author put errors on purpose in his/her own book??

H.P. Lovecraft

Dion Fortune

Eliphas Levi

Jorg Sabellicus

In the historical black mass ritual, there must be:

a virgin

an animal as sacrifice

a catholic priest

human wax and hair candles

Voodoo is:

A kind of magic that through puppets curses e

A kind of religion that worship the spirits

Smoothly practise in the whole South America

A kind of black magic